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Joining Our Club

Who Can Speed Skate?

The Regina Speed Skating Club accepts skaters age 4 and up.  Skaters are registered according to their age and will be placed in one of our two skating groups -  Group 1 or Group 2 - based on our Coaches assessments (a combination of several factors from age, to skating skills to endurance etc.).  Our goal is to ensure skaters have a GREAT experience regardless of the age they begin to speed skate!

What does it Cost?

As a non-profit organization, our Club tries to keep costs as low as possible. Our 2021-22 Speed Skating Season begins October 3 and will conclude in late March 2022.  Our full season fees are based on the developmental/age based levels used by Speed Skating Canada. 

Fees include: 

        • Full speed skating season training for both short and long track skating led by qualified volunteer coaches
        • Registration with SASSA and SSC (Speed Skating Canada)
        • Registration in RSSC hosted short and long track sanctioned competitions
    • SPECIAL NOTE:  RSSC does coordinate fundraisers during the skating year and members can recover up to 100% of their fees depending on the level of fundraising success.  

Fees the 2021-22 season are as follows:

 Skater Category Skater Ages      2021-22 Season Fee Additional Notes       
 Active Start

 5 years and under

as of June 30

$690 (for only or oldest skater)

$600 (if an older sibling is also registered)

Pricing is based on skating 2 times per week.


 Males ages 6 - 9 

Females ages 6 - 8

as of June 30

$850 (for only or eldest skater)

$650 (if another sibling is also registered)

FUNdamental skaters practice 2 times per week.
 Learn to Train

 Males ages 10 - 12

Females ages 9 - 11

as of June 30

$1,075 (for only or eldest skater)

$875 (if another sibling is also registered)

Learn to Train skaters practice 2  times per week depending on skill development & endurance and can participate in coach led pre-practice fitness and skill drills.

 Train to Train

 Males ages 12 - 15 

Females ages 11 - 14

as of June 30

$1,200 (for only or eldest skater)

$1,000 (if another sibling is also registered)

Train to Train skaters practice 3 times per week and may also have additional off ice strength & endurance training added to pre-practice coach led sessions.

 Males 16 yrs +

Females 15 yrs+

as of June 30

$1,200 (for only or eldest skater)

$1,000 (if another sibling is also registered)

Junior skaters practice 3 times per week and have additional off ice strength and conditioning workouts as well as increased competition preparation.
 Active for Life Experienced skaters ages 15+ or interested adults 

$230 - for competitive

$100 - for recreational

 Active for Life is only offered during our long track season at this time.  


Ready to Register Your Skater?  GREAT!

Joining RSSC has 3 simple steps:

             Step #1 - Sign up for a Club Membership (one membership per skating family is all you need)

             Step #2 - Log in (you will be sent an email with log in credentials after completing Step #1)

             Step #3- Register your skater(s)

When you are registering the skaters please register your oldest skater first (if you have multiple skaters).  To help family budgets, we provide a discounted fee structure (after the eldest child) for families with multiple skaters. 

Getting Started 

Step #1 - Club Membership

A Membership to the club is required in order to register.  This is a one year membership and only one per family is required.  The $20.00 Club Membership fee goes directly to the SASSA registration that is required by the provincial & national speed skating bodies.  

Once the Club Family Membership is created, each skater registration and all related transactions are tied to this family membership account.    

Have a young skater looking forward to getting on the ice?  

Step 1: Complete the Club Membership application OR  log in if you are already a member. 


If you are already a member - Log in below

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