Road Runner News & Information

WELCOME Road Runners & Road Runner Parents!  This page is dedicated to Road Runner specific information.  Road Runner coaches or the Club will place all Road Runner specific information on THIS PAGE.  Parents of Road Runners are asked to check it regularly during the Skating season to remain up to date.  The Club will also send out e-newsletters with key information and links to the RSSC website for more information.  All information specific to only Road Runners will link to THIS page.

Quick Facts About Road Runners:

  • Road Runners learn skating skills fast.. and skate even faster
  • Road Runners compete in as many competitions as they want - and win medals!
  • Skating season is from the beginning of October to early March
  • Road Runners skate on Tuesdays & Thursdays, hitting the ice at 7:00 pm sharp! 
  • Road Runners need to be at the rink by 6:45pm to have time to put on skates and safety gear
  • Parent help is essential - safety mats need to be set up, skaters need help with equipment & coaches can always use extra hands to make the most of practice time


Special News

Congrats to our Road Runners who ALL earned Gold proficiency pins in recognition of how much they improved this year!

Coaches Corner

Thank you everyone for a wonderful season.  There have been many great moments throughout the season.  We enjoyed celebrating everyone's success' at the year end banquet.

Be sure to get outside, enjoy the wonderful weather!  Take on a new sport and do some cross training during the off season.  See you in September

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