Road Runners

WELCOME Road Runners!  Coaches Lee, Terry, McKenzie and Jaise have an exciting speed skating season planned for you.  This season promises to have practices filled with skills, drills, speed and FUN.

Road Runners skate on Tuesday & Thursday, hitting the ice at 7:00 pm sharp! 

Parents, please be at the rink by 6:45pm at the latest to give your skater time to get into their gear.  We want to make the most of our time on the ice & having everyone ready to go by 7:00 is key.  

New Road Runner families... an extra welcome for you!  There is a lot to learn for both you and your skater as you begin with RSSC.  One of the first things you will see is how parent assistance is needed every skating practice to put out mats to keep our skaters safe.  This is an easy task with many other parents to guide you - so please stay once your skater is dressed for the ice and give us a hand.

Practice, December 15, 2018

An amazing day of skating at the RSSC short track meet today!  All of the Road Runners did incredibly well.  Some falls, some new learning on making those cross overs work and looking straight ahead on the start line.  Way to go everyone!Looking forward to another day of competitions!

Please note a change in the schedule for December 18th as we won't be having a family skate.  The family skate will be rescheduled to a later date.

The RSSC Christmas party will be on December 20th.  Come and have a great time skating with all of the skaters and enjoy some treats afterwards.

Coach Lee, Terry, Jaise and McKenzie

Meets for Road Runners for 2018-2019



Thursday, October 4

Time trials during Road Runner practice

October 14

Mini Meet in Moose Jaw, SK (Kinsmen)

October 27th and 28th

Saskatoon Short Track Meet in Warman, SK

November 10th and 11th

Moose Jaw Short Track Meet in Caronport, SK

December 15th and 16th

Regina Short Track Meet in Regina, SK

January 5th and 6th

Saskatoon Long Track Meet in Saskatoon, SK

January 19th and 20th

Regina Long Track Meet in Regina, SK

February 9th

Melville Short Track Meet in Melville, SK

March 2nd and 3rd

Prince Albert Short Track Meet in PA, SK

Quick look into December and early part of January:  We will keep working on endurance to help us prepare for getting out to the oval.  We will also be getting ready for the RSSC ST meet and of course planning some Christmas Celebrations!

December 4:       Choose a new skater of the week.  What games will they choose!!

December 6:       Single leg drills and working on those corners

December 11:     Practice our 1000m races for the upcoming meet

December 13:      Get ready for our Short Track Meet.  What do we need to work on to get ready?
December 18:      Fun and games on the ice after a great weekend of skating at RSSC Short Track Meet!  Parent meeting 7:00 pm-7:30pm
December 20:      Christmas Party at the rink
December 25 :     Merry Christmas!  No practice this week
January 1:             Happy New Year!!  No practice today
January 3:             Let's get ready to go to the Saskatoon Long Track Meet!
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