Road Runner Skater of the Week.  Every two weeks throughout the season a skater will be chosen as skater of the week.  The skaters name will be drawn on a specific date.  Each skater will get a chance to be interviewed by their fellow RSSC skaters and families.  Their picture and bio will be posted here and at the rink.  The skater of the week will also get to choose the games for practice that week!  

Congratulations Andrew on being skater of the week!  Andrew has been skating for a couple of years now and loves to skate many laps whether he is skating short or long track.  When skating long track he wants to stay on the ice for as long as he can, that is how much he loves skating!

Andrew is a great friend to everyone.  He is a great listener on the ice and works very hard.  His younger brother Nolan is a great help to the Road Runner group.  He makes sure that the Zamboni driver is doing his job and he also helps the coaches with certain jobs in practice.

Andrew says that when he grows up he wants to be an artist and an engineer.  I believe that he can pursue both of those professions at the University of Calgary so that he can still skate and work on his Olympic dreams!




Andrew, what is your.....

favorite game to play on the ice?  Freeze tag

favorite super hero?  Deadpool

favorite food?  Peas

favorite activity on the ice?  Laps

favorite drink?  Water

favorite thing in the whole world?  Swimming

favorite video game?  NHL18

favorite speed skating race?  1000m

favorite movie?  Ralph Wrecks the Internet

favorite ice cream?  Cherry

What do you want for Christmas?  Pokemon Sudden Moon GX Pack

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