Road Runner Skater of the Week.  Every two weeks throughout the season a skater will be chosen as skater of the week.  The skaters name will be drawn on a specific date.  Each skater will get a chance to be interviewed by their fellow RSSC skaters and families.  Their picture and bio will be posted here and at the rink.  The skater of the week will also get to choose the games for practice that week!  

Congratulations Kali Ann on being the skater of the week!  We are so proud of your accomplishments.  You have competed in SK Games for both curling and speed skating and now you are heading to Canada Winter Games.  

Kali Ann has been skating for 9 years.  She has competed at many different meets here in SK and AB.  She has trained with many great coaches and most recently she has been training with the Moose Jaw Speed Skating Club.

Kali Ann is also an accomplished curler.  She has competed for many years and her Dad often has been her coach.  Kali Ann's sister is also a curler and her Dad still curls as well.

Kali Ann comes from an amazing family!  Her Mom and Dad are a lot of fun and great to spend time with.  They have both volunteered with the Regina Speed Skating Club for many years and continue to do so.

Have an amazing experience at Canada Winter Games Kali Ann!  Thank you so much for joining us for our RSSC Canada Games event.


    Kali Ann, the Road Runners had some questions for you....

How long have you been speed skating?  9 years

Have you ever been to Canada Winter Games before?  No but I have been to SK Winter Games two times.  Once for curling and the other time for speed skating.

What is your favorite color?  Blue

Have you won all of the medals before (gold, silver and bronze)?  I have won medals like that but at many different competitions.

What is your favorite food?  Spaghetti

What is your favorite sport?  Speed Skating

What is your favorite movie?  Finding Nemo

Have you been to Disney World?  Yes

What is your favorite sport to watch?  Short track speed skating

What is your favorite old movie?  Weekend at Bernies

What is your favorite disaster movie?  Bat Man

Are you nervous to go to Canada Games?  Mostly excited

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