RSSC Masters

Do you love to skate?  Want to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors to make the most of winter?  Consider joining our Master's Program.

The Master's program runs Wednesday evening at 7:00  pm and Sunday at 3:00 pm at the Mount Pleasant Oval.   The program follows the RSSC Long Track training season, usually mid Dec - Mid February.

The Masters program has concluded for this year, but please check back in September as everything starts up again.  To register -  log into the RSSC site and register under the Active for Life program.  If this is your first time skating then likely you would register under the non-competitive but if you would like to compete then register as a competitive Active for Life skater.

Larry King will be coaching.  Larry use to coach and likely volunteered in every position within the club in the past.  Thanks for taking this on Larry!  

If you have questions about the Master's program please contact our Club membership coordinator/registrar :

Join us and have fun... even in the cold!

End of the Season.

The city worked hard with us to ensure we had ice for as long as possible but the last day of the season was February 28, 2019.  Thank you to Tim and his staff for the work they did at the oval!

Next season is not that far away.  We will be meeting in May with coach Larry to come up with a plan and possibly even plan some dry land training for the off season.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates and events!

Thank you to everyone that came out and participated in the Masters program.  We look forward to having another great season of skating in 2019-2020!

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