RSSC Masters


January 9, 2019

Welcome to the RSSC Master's program.  We had our first skate on Sunday, January 6th on a very cold and windy afternoon!   The Master's program runs Wednesday evening at 7:00  pm and Sunday at 3:00 pm at the Mount Pleasant Oval.

To get registered log into the RSSC site and register under the Active for Life program.  If this is your first time skating then likely you would register under the non-competitive but if you would like to compete then register as a competitive Active for Life skater.

Larry King will be coaching on Wednesday nights.  Larry use to coach and likely volunteered in every position within the club int he past.  Welcome Larry!  

If you have questions about the Master's program please contact the membership coordinator or Lee Millar at

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!

Sunday, January 6th:  First day on the ice

Wednesday, January 9th:  Let's work on gaining endurance for the 400m and 500m track

Sunday, January 13th:  Michelle will be coaching.  Head out on this beautiful day and see what she has in store for practice!

Important Dates:

Sunday, January 20th is the RSSC long track meet.  Come watch some of the competitions that day.  We do plan on having a practice but not until later in the day as the ice will be busy with skaters.  We will try for 5:00 pm practice.

Tuesday, February 12th is Canada Winter Games day for RSSC.  We will be having races for all ages including the Master's.  Hope you can free up your Tuesday night and come race with us!

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