Prize:   50% of sales! (to a maximum prize of $50,000.  Only 14,835 tickets will be sold)
Draw Time:  8:00 PM
Draw Date: December 15, 2019
Draw Location: 2205 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK

Only People in Saskatchewan at the time of purchase
may participate in the raffle. People involved in the conduct and
management of the raffle are not permitted to purchase tickets.

Ticket Prices:  1 for $10  / 2 for $15  / 3 for $20 / 5 for $25
Draw will be made by Random Number Generator.

Winner will be notified by email with instructions on claiming the prize.

Where does the money go?

50% of the prize goes to the winner of the draw! 25% of the money goes back directly to support our Speed Skating Club through the Membership Development Grant, which is designed to help clubs grow their membership. 25% goes into SASSA Participation Budget, which helps foster grassroots programMing for our young skaters. It will help keep costs low for camps and allow us to expand our grassroots programming.

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